Pediatric Acupuncture

Author: May Loo
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2002
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 372
Isbn10 Code: 0443070326
Isbn13 Code: 9780443070327

About the Author May Loo has studied acupuncture in the Orient, Europe and in the USA. She istrained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in the French tradition of acupuncture taught at the medical acupuncturist's course at UCLA. She was the preceptor for the course in 1997. She is one of four MDs in the USA to hold a teaching certificate in Korean hand acupuncture, a form of acupuncture which iseasily administered to children. She is at the forefront of the use of lasers in her research and in the treatment of children.Dr Loo received her medical degree from the University of California, School of Medicine, in San Francisco, UCSF, and she completed her pediatric residency at the University of Minnesota Hospitals; she pursued a post-doctorate clinical fellowship in Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics at UCSF. She has also had training in psychotherapy and hypnosis.

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